How do you do ?

Do not panic. We are not from Wales. The Eagle Male Choir (abbr. The Eagles,- easier to remember and with a distinct housewarmed, if not housetrained, ring to it) is a famous old Norwegian choir with only celebrated literate or at least semi-literate members.

Hair distinguishly greying at the temples, voices mellowed by years of musical practice and heavy drinking, don't you love the sherry-sodden coyness of it ?

Although only one member actually went to Oxford, we offer a wide variety of sexual perversions to music, or something not very unlike music. Our fugue on the abuse of sheep is widely recognized as the most successful attempt at revitalizing the Baroque Epoch (from the rear end). Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung is hardly ever played since The Eagles' Ring Muscle Choral (lament of queers).

The Honky Tonk Home for the Elderly, another Eagles classic, brought tears in the eyes of Keith Richards. (Mick Jagger maintains a frozen silence. We were that close before).

And so on.

Would you like to see a photograph of us ? No way.

Would you like to see our press cuttings ? No, you wouldn't, would you ?

Would you like to hire The Eagles for your wife's 50th birthday party ? You are a sick man.

Would you like to know whether you could afford to hire The Eagles at all ? Your company couldn't afford The Eagles. (Well, maybe they could, initially, but business would drop like a brick).

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